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Lovoury Wildflower Honey @600g

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Nett Weight: 600g
Ingredient: 100% Pure Wildflower Honey
USP: Enzyme 12+ Activity

Lovoury Wildflower Honey is lovingly collected and specially selected by our expert beekeepers. Every drop of our special honey has complex antibacterial properties, essential nutrients and importantly is high in DIASTASE ENZYME activity.

Enzymes make honey the nutritious and sweet superfood. There are more than 10 different enzymes inside honey, one very highly tested enzyme inside honey is DIASTASE.

  • DIASTASE is known as amylase (digestive enzyme).
  • Main function is to break down starch into sugars.
  • Our bodies need a lot of amylase because starchy carbohydrates are a very big part of our diet.
  • The International Honey Commission has recognised the DIASTASE ENZYME as a key standard for honey quality.

Lovoury Honey is certified 100% pure honey which has been tested by independent, accredited laboratories in Thailand and Germany. The results show high DIASTASE ENZYME activity with the following:

Lovoury Wildflower Honey – over 12 units

This high level of enzyme activity is the best for you and your family’s well-being.

Lovoury Honey is created with passion, savour with love. 

Do NOT feed children under 1 year old
Do NOT refrigerate
Store in a cool and dry place

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