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100% PURE, RAW & FRESH Royal Jelly

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Fit for a Queen...

Royal Jelly is the food of princesses and queens. Produced in very small quantities in each hive, worker bees feed this highly nutritious substance to the young, only for a while, and to their sole queen for the rest of her life. Royal Jelly is rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, so it's no wonder that the Queen Bee grows larger and lives longer than any others in the colony.

Wanting a taste of the royal treatment, humans have traditionally consumed Royal Jelly as a natural remedy for a wide range of health reasons, including strengthening of the immune system, for its anti-aging properties, to improve fertility and for general well-being.

At Lovoury, we are passionate about our bees and the artisanal products we derive from the hives. Our artisan Royal Jelly is as natural as you can get it. Our beekeepers gently and carefully extract the precious food by hand, and it is immediately frozen and packaged to preserve all its nutrients. During the process, we are careful to avoid contaminants, especially as there are no additives nor added ingredients in the product. It is exactly how the Queen likes it.  

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