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About Lovoury

Lovoury is an artisanal honey business, founded by honey lovers who want to share their passion for bees and enthusiasm for honey.

We love our bees. They give us delicious, nutritious honey, and in return we give them the best care, in the best environment. Our honey is harvested in the most conscientious way, as our bees come first—they are more like beloved pets, really.

Honey is best consumed in the form that nature intended it, so we do very little after harvesting—only what is necessary to maintain the quality of the honey. Lovoury’s range of exceptionally tasty, pure honey will convert you into a lover of honey, if you’re not one already.

Bees First

The health and happiness of our bees are very important to us. We do not interfere to make them make more honey, which is why Lovoury’s exclusive honey is available in very limited amounts only.

When we harvest the honey, we are essentially removing their food from their home. This is why we remove the honey from the hive very carefully, with as little disturbance to the bees as possible, and we take only so much that they wouldn’t miss it.

Pristine Locations

Our honey comes from beehives that are placed in pristine rainforests and organic plantations, across northern of Thailand. There, our bees fleet freely in clean air and fresh greenery, untouched by pollutant and pesticides.

To make sure that our bees always have enough flowers to feast from, where possible, we take them on a foodie road trip! We move the hives to “chase after” flowering trees and plants, as the blooming season moves from location to location.

No Unnatural Chemicals

Our bees only forage for nectar in pristine rainforests and organic plantations, which are free from pesticides. We also avoid using antibiotics on our bees, which some beekeepers use to prevent parasites and diseases; instead, we let our bees swarm out to build new, healthy colonies. Yes, this means less honey is made, but that is not as important to us as having healthy, happy bees.

Minimal Intervention

Honey is best consumed with all its enzymes, and anti-microbial and healing properties intact. Therefore, pure honey is the best form of honey. After being harvested by hand, our honey is simply filtered (to remove wax bits and bee parts) and bottled immediately. This way, we preserve the traces of pollen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and the taste is sublime.

Helping The Community Thrive

We love the idea of Man and bees thriving together. Through our business, we have been able to help the locals improve their livelihood through contract beekeeping, by providing the equipment and training for beekeeping, and then procuring the honey from them for a fair price.

Save The Bees, Save The World

Bees are the matchmakers of the plant kingdom. Around half of the pollinators of plants are bees. In recent years, the plight of the bees has come to light—they are dying. As a responsible beekeeper, Lovoury has stepped up to the role of ensuring the continuity of bee species and, by extension, biodiversity and food security.

Our business and beekeepers engage in sustainable practices, such as:

  • Forest beekeeping activities that add value to wild trees and plants, and promote biodiversity.
  • No usage of antibiotics to ensure healthy colonies for generations.
  • Emphasizing bee welfare.
  • Promoting responsible beekeeping practices.

HALAL Certified

Handled in accordance to the requirements of the Islamic faith.

CoA Certified

Our products have been tested and found to be free from contamination, and are safe for consumption.