MALAYSIA'S NO.1 Premium Natural Honey with high DIASTASE enzyme activity, BEST FOR HEALTH!

guaranteed quality

  • Guaranteed Genuine

    Lovoury Honey, especially, has a high amount of natural enzymes, thanks to our healthy, well-cared bees, and our honey’s unadulterated and minimally processed state. Our honey is simply filtered to remove wax bits and bee parts, and bottled immediately. Enzymes are heat-sensitive, so we also harvest our honey in the shade and store it in a cool place.

  • Guaranteed Natural

    Our bees only forage for nectar in pristine rainforests and organic plantations, which are free from pesticides. We also avoid using antibiotics on our bees, which some beekeepers use to prevent parasites and diseases; instead, we let our bees swarm out to build new, healthy colonies. Yes, this means less honey is made, but that is not as important to us as having healthy, happy bees.

  • Guaranteed Uncontaminated

    Our products have been tested and found to be free from contamination, and are safe for consumption.

  • Guaranteed Taste Satisfied

    Lovoury Longan Flower Honey has a rich amber colour with a hint of Longan flower aroma that will awaken your senses. While Lovoury Wildflower Honey is derived from the nectar of numerous species of flowers or blossoms. It is a flavor representation of a specific place in time and space. 

    Lovoury Honey is exceptionally tasty, pure honey will convert you into a lover of honey, if you’re not one already.

  • Guaranteed Good For Health

    Enzymes make honey the nutritious and sweet superfood. There are more than 10 different enzymes inside honey, one very highly tested enzyme inside honey is DIASTASE.

    DIASTASE is known as amylase (digestive enzyme). Main function is to break down starch into sugars. Our bodies need a lot of amylase because starchy carbohydrates are a very big part of our diet. The International Honey Commission has recognised the DIASTASE ENZYME as a key standard for honey quality. Diastase level above 8 Schade units would mean that the honey is fresh and contain lot of its beneficial enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Guaranteed Lab Test Proven

    Lovoury Honey has been tested by independent, accredited laboratories in Thailand and Germany, and results show High Diastase Enzyme Activity of over 12 units for our Wildflower Honey and 18 units for our Longan Flower Honey.

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2 @ RM100 ONLY - Lovoury Wildflower Honey Sachets

2 @ RM100 ONLY - Lovoury Wildflower Honey Sachets

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2 @ RM100 ONLY - Lovoury Longan Flower Honey Sachets

2 @ RM100 ONLY - Lovoury Longan Flower Honey Sachets

Sale price RM100.00 Regular price RM176.00

What is DIASTASE enzyme?

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Gift Set 1

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100% Artisanal Pure Honey

We are excited to share our passion for bees and enthusiasm for honey!



Lovoury Honey has a high amount of natural enzymes vital to life and good health.


Honey Benefits

“If you have no Honey in your pot, have some in your Mouth.” – Benjamin Franklin


Fresh Royal Jelly Benefits

Royal jelly is so nutritious that the queen bee grows to become almost double the size and lives 40 times longer than a worker bee.

Royal jelly has also been proven to be a very effectual and beneficial supplement for humans.